NHBA Research Fund

The NHBA research fund is used to support research that will help NH beekeepers.

The NHBA research committee is responsible for:

  • Reviewing and making recommendations on requests for NHBA research funding.
  • Making others in NHBA aware of outside research that may be of benefit to NH beekeepers.
  • Promoting local research work – no matter how big or small.

NHBA research committee membership:

  • We are currently looking for additional members for the research committee. Please contact Barbara Lawler or Heather Achilles ( heather.nhba@gmail.com )

To apply for NHBA Research funding:

  • Please fill out a funding request form:
  • Please contact Heather Achilles ( heather.nhba@gmail.com ) with any questions or concerns about the funding request.

Research currently being funded by NHBA:

  1. Project Apis-M contribution
    • Project Apis-M funds honeybee research ($340K in 2013). Past research has included:
      • Additional cost sharing for the pesticide testing
      • On line learning programs through the University of California
      • Many studies on migratory bees and the almond pollination
    • Their website: http://www.projectapism.org has education material (including videos), research reports and a lot of other interesting information.
    • You can sign up for their newsletter by sending email to: PamWorkerBeel@gmail.com