EAS 2018 Information

         EAS 2018

AUGUST 13-17, 2018

Now that winter is upon us here in New Hampshire, our bees are all clustered for the winter, and it is truly the ‘beekeeper’s season’. A time to reflect on how the previous year unfolded for our bees and for us. If you have been keeping a journal, now is the time to review it, making note of what worked well, what you might try differently next year based on information you have learned from programs you may have attended and articles you have read.

Not journaling yet?  There are numerous ways to keep hive records, find one that works for you…because it is just not possible to remember all the details of every hive inspection, and the data comes in handy when it comes to the Bee Informed Survey April 1 ! New Hampshire is a member state of the Eastern Apicultural Society, which convenes yearly to deliver the best and most current honey bee information possible. The conference can help you feel good about what you know, clear up areas of confusion, correct areas you are simply going the wrong direction, and open doors of opportunity for new ideas, new friendships and connections.

As you plan your summer activities, note that this year’s dates are during an ideal time to be able to be away from your apiary for a bit. Refer often to the EAS website for updates as the speaker schedule shapes up.

Enjoy this season as one to study, plan, and rest up for the intense, short season that beekeeping is here in the north.


Dorinda Priebe EAS Master Beekeeper

EAS Director, New Hampshire


New Hampshire Beekeepers Association