2017-18 NHBA Winter Loss Survey Results

We had  got great response to this year’s . The data this year represents almost 400 beekeepers, over 1300 hives and over 300 NUCs.

The winter loss was 58% for hives and 49% for NUCs in 2017-18. While this is better than the 65% hive loss we saw in 2016-17, it is still disturbingly high.   The information from the additional management questions has begun to give us some insights to help us understand why NH is seeing such high losses.

The data we’ve analyzed so far indicates that loss rates are most likely due to more than one factor. For example, although the sample size is small, the best survival rate (71%) was for hives that had at least one varroa mite commercial treatment applied as well as both a spring & fall Nosema treatment.

The survey results can be found here: http://atomic-temporary-162268845.wpcomstaging.com/?page_id=740

As with any data, it seems to bring up more questions than answers – but by continuing to collect this information, we will eventually be able to understand what management practices are the most successful in helping our NH honeybees survive our harsh winters.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about the data analysis.  (Heather.nhba@gmail.com)






New Hampshire Beekeepers Association