The New Hampshire Beekeepers Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and study of bees, beekeeping, and the economic importance of apiculture in the state of New Hampshire. With the increasing threat to our honeybees and native bees alike, the efforts of the NHBA include: Funding and cooperating with researchers relating to apiculture and the maintenance of healthy bees in NH; The establishment of standards relating to beekeeping and apiculture pertinent to our state; Coordinating and promoting apicultural activities among local bee clubs, the NHBA, and individuals who are involved with bees in NH; Developing and supporting programs and activities to update the knowledge and skills of members, other beekeepers, and the general public; Promoting the production of quality bee products by NH beekeepers.

NHBA directs a small research fund which we use to contribute to honeybee research projects throughout the country. Some of our donation recipients include Randy Oliver (, Project Apis-M, and “homesick bees,” a research lead by researchers from the University of Vermont. We also use the research fund to support our annual hive loss survey and the newly established NH Honeybee Diagnostic network.

Our membership includes commercial, sideliners, hobbyists, and backyard beekeepers, as well as ordinary people interested in the health, wellness, and survival of bees.

NHBA has a presence at events such as the NH Farm & Forest Expo, Discover Wild NH, the Nottingham Earth Day Festival, and the regional fall fairs, in addition to holding three annual state meetings. Come check us out!