If you apply any mite, nosema or other treatments to your hives, and you either sell or give your honey and hive products to others, the state of NH requires that you have a private pesticide applicators permit. If you consume all of your hive products yourself and do not give or sell any to others you DO NOT require a permit.

Pesticide Permit Application (NH):  http://agriculture.nh.gov/publications-forms/documents/private-applicator-permit.pdf

general information & instructions:    http://agriculture.nh.gov/divisions/pesticide-control/licensing.htm

Record Keeping Information Sheet : NH Pesticide Record Keeping Information Sheet

Pesticide Storage Information Sheet: NH Pesticide Storage Information Sheet

If you have questions, please call please call either Bob Bruleigh (271-8830) and Bob Wolff (271-3695) from the Division of Pesticide Control.