NHBA Research Fund

The NHBA research fund is used to support research that will help NH beekeepers.

In order to better understand why our NH winter hive loss is so high, NHBA is sponsoring three citizen science projects in that you can take part in during 2019.

Deadout CSI Data collection  A key component to understanding our hive loss is so high is  to start collecting the observations people are making when they autopsy their deadouts.   We have put together a hive-side checklist to record what you see as you go through the dead hive.     You can submit these observations online, via email or US mail.   The checklist, FAQs, and how to submit observations can be found at:  https://www.nh-honeybee-health.com/deadout-autopsy
NH Healthy Hives – This is a new multi-year initiative to promote healthy hive management.  Each year there will be a specific management theme to focus on.  The theme for April 2019- March 2020 is “Varroa Mite Testing”.

a.       The goal is to get more beekeepers (whether they treat or not) to do testing and make them more aware of their varroa situation. 

b.       We ask participants to a monthly mite checks (either alcohol wash or sugar roll) of their hives and record the counts on a tracking spreadsheet.   This spreadsheet also allows recording of other information such as Nosema counts (why not have a spore count done if you did an alcohol wash!), if you treated, if the hive swarmed, and more

c.       The data that is collected can be submitted on line, email or via US mail at intervals that are convenient to the participant.

d.       Early volunteers will have the opportunity to receive a free Varroa Easy Check Kit complements of NHBA.

More information about this program, the tracking spreadsheet, instructional videos, and more can be found at:   https://www.nh-honeybee-health.com/mite-testing

2018-2019 NH HIve Loss Survey – we’ll be doing the survey  again this year.  We’ll collect data starting ~April 1 – Apr30. An email will be sent out when the survey is available.  Once again this year, one of the participants will win a 1 year NHBA membership and also the club with the highest percentage  participation will win $50 toward refreshments at a future meeting.


The NHBA research committee is responsible for:

  • Reviewing and making recommendations on requests for NHBA research funding.
  • Making others in NHBA aware of outside research that may be of benefit to NH beekeepers.
  • Promoting local research work – no matter how big or small.

NHBA research committee membership:

  • We are currently looking for additional members for the research committee. Please contact  Heather Achilles ( heather.nhba@gmail.com )

To apply for NHBA Research funding:

  • Please fill out a funding request form:
  • Please contact Heather Achilles ( heather.nhba@gmail.com ) with any questions or concerns about the funding request.

Research currently being funded by NHBA:

  1. Project Apis-M contribution
    • Project Apis-M funds honeybee research ($340K in 2013). Past research has included:
      • Additional cost sharing for the pesticide testing
      • On line learning programs through the University of California
      • Many studies on migratory bees and the almond pollination
    • Their website: http://www.projectapism.org has education material (including videos), research reports and a lot of other interesting information.
    • You can sign up for their newsletter  at the web page: https://www.projectapism.org/pam-enewsletter.html


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