2019-2020 Winter Hive Survey Results are available!

   The winter of 2019-20 had the best survival rate (65%) that we have seen since starting our annual hive survey 4 years ago!    The full analysis can be download  from :

   2019-20 Winter Hive Survey Results

We will be holding a webinar on 7/1/2020 at 7pm to review the survey results, brainstorm on what the data is telling us and answering questions.  Please register at: 

Winter Hive Survey Results Webinar


  For more information, please see https://www.nh-honeybee-health.com/winter-loss-survey-results   or send email to heather.nhba@gmail.com

Spring Meeting – 3/21/2020 Update

It is with great caution and awareness that we postpone our Spring Meeting slated for March 21st due to the rising concern of the spreading of the virus. This decision was not made in haste and took into consideration the health of our attendees, the health of our speakers, and the health of all of our communities.